In “A Good Man Goes to War” we discovered that one of the reasons River is the way she is is that she was conceived on board the Tardis, which made the Doctor ultimately responsible for a lot of her power in a way which made me deeply uncomfortable; in this episode we discover that her…

This.  Absolutely.

A problem I have with many of Moff’s episodes is that I do find them enjoyable upon first viewing.  They’re larky, they’ve got sharp dialogue, they’ve got Alex Kingston and Matt Smith acting the fuck out of the script— all good things.  But then I watch them a second time, and suddenly all of these underlying problems become glaringly obvious.  And I just— boggle.  I know that writing isn’t easy, but it’s your job, Moff, and there are so many issues in the things you write.  Doctor Who is supposed to be fantastic; stop fucking it up.

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